Writing a book…lessons learned


Hello all, its been a while since I wrote a blog entry. Why? Because I’ve been writing a book! I was so excited and honored to be chosen to write the Windows Server 2019 & PowerShell All-in-One Desk Reference For Dummies. I submitted my proposal and it was selected! The For Dummies series have been my favorites since I got into the technical field. I always loved the information and the humor that was thrown in. They aren’t a dry textbook…they are written to include the reader. I went into the project with the excitement of a first time author so excited to prove myself and make my mark. After four months, I finally turned in the last chapter.

I will say this right now…I have far more respect for authors now that I have been through the process. It is a labor of love…it requires all of your time and your energy. It requires the support of your family and your friends (my husband is a saint putting up with me the past four months!).

I wanted to impart some lessons learned to those who are considering writing a book.

1. Don’t be scared to get out there…if you have an idea for a book, there is probably someone out there who wants to buy that book.

2. When you are looking at planning out how many chapters you can get done in a week…write down how many you think you can get done, then remove at least 1 or 2. I learned the hard way that life interferes with perfect scheduling. I lost my computer to a bad Microsoft update and spent 3 days rebuilding it. Add to that some health issues…I wish I had given myself more time. I missed a few deadlines because of this…you should never miss deadlines. Thankfully I was on time for this final 100% deadline!

3. Don’t beat yourself up if you get behind. Find yourself a quiet space, re-focus and get back to it. If you find yourself stuck…give yourself permission to take a break, even if its just going to grab a coffee or a soda.

4. Most importantly, remember to come up for air once in a while and spend time with your family and friends.

Now its on to tech editing, and author review. So excited to see my book in print towards the end of April!

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