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I have lately been focusing on efficiencies. What can I do to get things that I want to get done faster, and with less effort?

As part of this search, I came across a product called TextExpander. It was recommended by Bob “Dr.Mac” Levitus in his “Working Smarter for Mac Users” class. The product works on PC or Mac and iOS. What’s the big deal you might ask? Read on…

I’m currently writing something that is AWS focused. The AWS products all have long names like Amazon CloudWatch or AWS CloudTrail. Writing these over and over again takes quite a few keystrokes. With TextExpander, I can simply type “zcw” or “zct” and they are automatically expanded for me (these are typed without the quotes when you want TextExpander to work its magic). I created the snippets as I worked, and there are tons of publicly available snippets as well. You can even place whole paragraphs by typing in a few letters, and create fields to customize the paragraphs. This product is such a timesaver!

I promise that I am making no money off of this post, I honestly just hope that you might find this utility as useful as I have! I chose to prefix all of my snippets with z so that it would be less likely that I would accidentally type the snippet when I am writing normally.


You can learn more about it here: https://textexpander.com

Also, if you are interested in the class I mentioned, I have provided the link below. I found Mr. Levitus after reading his MacOS Mojave for Dummies book. The class has been fantastic for learning tips and tricks to become more efficient on my Mac, and many of the processes help on the Windows PC as well.


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